Development of an Actigraph System for Sleep-Wake Identification

The main objective of this project is to design a proper algoritlun for analyzing COPD patient's sleep data as an important feature in patients treatment procedure. The data would be gathered by a novel wrist wearable actigraph with high accuracy technology. The wearable wristactigraph will allow more reliable data collection because the subjects can use it in their own home environment and there is no limitation for the length of data collection period. The intern will receive the proper raw data gathered by the actigraph, and focus on the analysis part of the project. First, she will review the literature on sleep analysis and compare their algorithms and their accuracy based on the special object we have in our research. Next, she will design and implement an algorithm, which can benefits from the precision of our wrist actigraph data. Finally, she wi ll test the algoritlun and modify it to reach the intended accuracy. We aim for an accuracy over 90% considering both sensitivity and specificity of our analysis result.

Mitra Mosslemi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson
Project Year: 
British Columbia