Development of Additive Manufacturing Post-fusion Processes for Landing Gears

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology demonstrates great ability of fabricating complex geometry and reducing buy-to-fly (BTF) ratio. The objective of the Héroux-Devtek R&D project is to build a relationship between post-fusion processes and material properties for additively manufactured Ti64 landing gear components. From the previous studies, promising heat-treatments were identified. In this project, studies will only focus on the four selected heat treatments. Microstructure and mechanical properties of AM components will be studied after each heat treatment at pre-determined condition (e.g., temperature, duration, inert gas, pressure, etc.). References built at the end of the studies will facilitate decision making of appropriate post-fusion processes for different AM components, in order to achieve desired material properties.

Yao Yao Ding
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mathieu Brochu
Partner University: