Development of advanced biomass-derived catalysts for the production of formate via electrocatalytic CO2 reduction

The production of formate salts – one of the most preferable chemicals for de-icing via electrocatalytic CO2 reduction is currently a promising technology. Lignocellulosic biomass is a potential material for the manufacture of electrocatalysts because of not only its great abundance and availability but its conversion inducing graphite-based materials, which are excellent catalyst supports. The current project aims to upgrade the biomass pyrolysis to improve the quality of the obtained products and their ownership to meet the current needs of new growth markets. Principally, through this upgraded process, novel and efficient catalysts will be produced for advanced conversion of CO2 to formate, thus contributing to the fight against climate change. This project also supports the development of a circular economy in the province by diversifying products from biomass. It will be part of projects for new bioindustry parks where CO2 recovery is presented as an opportunity rather than a climatic constraint.

Mhamed Berrada;Angjelina Lika;Cédrik Boisvert
Superviseur universitaire: 
Phuong Nguyen-Tri
Partner University: