Development and Optimization of Bio-electro coagulation process for ground and surface water treatment

Ground water is the principal drinking water source in North America and approximately 150 million people relies on ground water for their domestic supply. Groundwater contamination occurs as a direct or indirect result of human or animal waste ingress to groundwater resources. The anthropogenic activity resulted in the contamination of surface and ground water with metals and other inorganic contaminates. The presence of metals, organic and inorganic contaminants in aquatic environment (ground and surface water) represent a health risk to human, animals and aquatic organism. Thus, we are proposing an innovative bio-electro coagulation approach for the treatment of water. The treatment process will emphasis on removal of N-NH4, and metals ions (Fe and Mn) from water. The aim of this project is to optimize the operating parameters of both the techniques and developed a sustainable and eco-friendly treatment process. The coupling of electro-coagulation process with bio-polymer aided coagulation will establish a strategy for scaling up the economically feasible treatment process with less energy demand.

Bhagyashree Tiwari
Superviseur universitaire: 
Patrick Drogui
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