Development and Validation of Defined Biomaterial Surfaces to Grow Stem Cells Suitable for Regenerative Medicine Year Two

The proposed research aims to develop and validate surfaces that have no components of animal origin for the growth of stem cells. Materials not of animal origin are required for the growth of stem cells if they are to be used clinically to treat disease and/or injury. Initially, surfaces already developed and designed by the fellow during his Ph.D. will undergo testing for stem cell growth. Concurrently, additional surfaces will be developed with stem cell niches identified by StemCell Surfaces. Surfaces successfully validated with stem cells will be commercialized and marketed by the partner organization, a university spin-off company. Through the academic supervisor's laboratory, the fellow will provide the partner organization with all of the specifications, materials, and procedures required for the production of surfaces at their facility.

Evan Dubiel
Superviseur universitaire: 
Patrick Vermette
Project Year: