Development of antibacterial medical devices using Ag-Cu nanoparticles to prevent nosocomial infections

In hospitals, the risk of bacterial contamination of medical devices and surfaces is an important problem. Indeed, the surfaces of medical devices promote bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation. Effective solutions for conventional disinfection methods must be found to treat and prevent such contaminations.The use of nanoparticles that possess antimicrobial properties is promising, and could be used to prevent contaminations of medical devices such as catheters, needles, as well as in hospital environments (air filters). Here, we propose the prevention of bacterial adhesion using Ag-Cu NPs, which can be applied to polymeric, metal and glass fiber surfaces. We look to extend our research on antibacterial surfaces with the direct involvement of industrial partners intending to apply our findings, by working in a multidisciplinary team containing the necessary expertise.

Laura Karina Mireles Nunez
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L'Hocine Yahia
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