Development of an artificial intelligence solution for facial and object recognition

With this project, Nuvoola will propose a whole new process of detection, identification and monitoring of people in its entirety from embedded algorithms within an "EDGE" computer system, with a view to performance, and reliability and precision. The innovation lies in the ability of the application to perform a face and body combination while taking into account that the person or object detected will be almost continuously moving and not static.

At the object level, Nuvoola proposes with the same innovation a process of detection, classification of vehicles and identification of trajectories from algorithms integrated into a computer on the "EDGE" distributed network architecture. allows fast calculations of local data. The SIT should first be able to determine the type of vehicle picked up (truck, car, etc.) according to its components (variable factors).

Janajoy Rajkumar
Superviseur universitaire: 
Kim Khoa Nguyen
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