Development of Free-standing Air-Breathing Cathode for Next Generation Sustainable Zinc-Air Batteries

The project brings together Canadian industrial and academic partners who are members of the UNESCO chair “Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion Saving and Storage)” established since 2014 by INRS. This project will allow Pi-Sol Technologies, our industrial partner to develop cost-effective free-standing hybrid nanostructured multifunctional catalysts with high performance and durability for sustainable energy applications, including Zin-Air batteries markets. The market includes a large number of electronic gadgets and appliances used in day-to-day life, remote sensing & communication sector, and as energy back-up for photovoltaic cells being developed by Pi-Sol Technologies Inc. to address solar power intermittency. The products developed will be very competitive for Pi-Sol Technologies and for Canada in a new and open Zinc-Air batteries market whose value es expected to reach US$ 2,848.90 Mn by 2026. The project will also contribute to the training of highly qualified personnel who will be useful both in academia and industry.

Alonso Moreno Zuria
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mohamed Mohamedi
Partner University: