Development of High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Application

Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered as next-generation automotive for green and sustainable transportation. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the most promising energy storage system for EVs among different available techniques. However, in order to power EVs on the road, currently commercial LIBs need to be greatly improved in terms of performance, safety, and cost, which are mainly dependent on the electrode materials. This project will involve the development of novel electrode materials with high power density, excellent safety, and low cost, via surface modification by atomic layer deposition technique. This proposed research will obtain desirable electrode materials, and deliver performance/cost-competitive LIBs. This will help the industrial partner make advance in the development, commercialization, and marketing of advanced battery materials and battery systems destined for EVs.

Jian Liu
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Xueliang (Andy) Sun
Project Year: