Development of an International consensual method for water use impact assessment in LCA

Cascades within the MITACS Elevation program are threefold: a. Ensure their industrial voice is represented on this international consensus building  process b. Being proactive, influence the process and anticipate the developments on the consensus around water footprinting methods c. Generate industry specific case studies to test  the method, ensure key problems are addressed and increase internal awareness Supporting the researcher that will lead the international process conducted under WULCA group is the mean of meeting the above mentioned objectives.  The general objective of the project conducted within WULCA working group is to coordinate the consensuses building process and lead the scientific work into achieving a harmonized method for assessing water use in LCA, involving key method developers and stakeholders through an international collaborative effort. This method should evolve from the knowledge gained from the qualitative and quantitative method comparison which was performed as the 2nd and respectively 3rd deliverable of the working group [3]. The consensual method will represent a novel approach building on the relevant elements of existing models and hence not focus on elevating one method over the others.

Anne-Marie Boulay
Superviseur universitaire: 
Manuele Margni
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