Development of Low-Cost Sensor and Flexible Electronics using a Versatile Roll-to-Roll Magnetron Sputtering System

The proposed project aims to construct a robust and versatile roll-to-roll (R2R) magnetron sputtering system for thin film deposition. That system will favor the production of thin films of different materials with tailored properties and functionality onto flexible substrates in a single step. This will be made through a system composed of different stations with different targets and masks inside the process chamber, without the need for any hand manipulation during the manufacturing or any post-processing deposition. The R2R unit is very versatile in design (not fabricated yet), which can be used for different objectives in the electronic and optoelectronic industries. It is expected that the proposed approach could benefit PLASMIONIC Inc. which has its activities focused on the sector of plasma processing systems manufacturing. The company can commercialize this versatile equipment and increase its competitiveness in that commercial sector.

Armstrong Godoy Junior
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Andreas Ruediger
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