Development of a microbe granulation technology for the increased treatment of organic wastewater, removal of emerging containments and digestion of sludge

Today we are failing to properly and completely treat organic wastewater which results in large amounts of sludge buildup and many untreated emerging contaminates that are shaping and changing our environment. If we ignore this problem: we will see an increased need for resources to development new and very expensive mechanical processes to manage sludge, wildlife will experience further side effects, and the appearance of emerging containments that are causing additional side effects to the surrounding population will also continue to increase. It is expected that this project will deliver a new combined technology that will be able to effectively treat and clean organic wastewater in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The results of this study should enable us to advance and provide this new technology, in an economical way, to municipalities throughout North America in an effort to reduce emerging containments in the environment and solve the growing problem of sludge management.

Rania Ahmed Hamza & Roya Pishgar
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Andrew Tay
Project Year: