Development of New Modeling Tools for Cathodic Protection of Galvanized Structures

Corrosion of electric power transmission and distribution (T&D) lines is a primary cause of in-service equipment degradation. This project aims at analysis, design, and implementation of efficient methods to mitigate the corrosion at T&D infrastructure assets to significantly improve the life span of aging structures, and to develop an accurate design tool for future developments. A physics-based approach with modeling and experimental aspects is proposed to establish an in-depth understanding of the corrosion process in buried components of power transmission towers under actual operating conditions. The project focus is the development of an electrochemical simulation tool for optimal design of cathodic protection systems with focus on "galvanized steel structures", for which lack of practical tool and technical guidelines are apparent in the literature. Such guidelines for design, maintenance, and assessment of cathodic protection systems are highly on demand by Matergenics Engineering Ltd. to provide quality services to its clients.

Peyman Taheri Bonab
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Ned Djilali
Project Year: 
British Columbia