Development of novel TiC based grain refiner for aluminum 319 alloy

The goal of this project is to develop a novel titanium carbide grain refiner for improving the strength of the lightweight aluminum 319 alloy. Enhanced use of lightweight alloys in automobiles, currently limited because of their strength, can enable auto industry to manufacture lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles. Titanium carbide, due to its ability to modify the structure of the casting during solidification, can significantly improve the strength of the 319 alloy. However the main challenge is to control the Ti:C ratio in the melt for effective modification. Thus, in this study, a pre alloyed ultrafine TiC powder will be added to the molten 319 alloy. Casting and mechanical testing will be carried out at USc. The stability of the TiC\ particles in the melt during casting solidification and their refinement mechanism will be studied by advanced characterization techniques using equipment available.

Vishank Kumar
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Lukas Bichler
Project Year: 
British Columbia
Partner University: 
Indian Institute of Sciences (Bangalore), Bangalore, India