Development of a numerical tool for the simulation of rubbing in gas turbines

The proposed research project aims at developing a numerical tool dedicated to the simulation of rubbing in gas turbines. Rubbing events result from the friction of blade tips along the surrounding casing. These events significantly affect turbine blades lifespan and increase operating costs. Commercial software packages cannot be used for simulating rubbing events as such simulations require a combination of high resolution finite element models, wear modelling on the casing while managing contact interactions.
A step-by-step approach will be considered to develop the numerical tool dedicated to such simulations, building on the expertise of the LAVA research team in the field of rotor/stator interactions: (1) construction of an accurate reduced model of turbine blades including inertial effects, (2) use of a suitable time integration scheme for contact management, (3) including wear of the casing and (4) calibrating the numerical model with our industrial partner’s experimental data.

Bruno van der Beek
Superviseur universitaire: 
Alain Batailly
Partner University: