Development of a Process for Manufacturing Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fuel from Captured Carbon Dioxide

This project would seek to develop an integrated system incorporating a reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reactor to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into carbon monoxide and water, aiming for maximum production of carbon monoxide. RWGS is an endothermic, catalytic, equilibrium-limited reaction, so the project team will seek to develop efficient, novel catalysts and supports, an optimal reactor design, and an efficient separation/recycling system so as to minimize wastage of unreacted raw materials. The work would build on and incorporate results from previous and ongoing funded projects in this area. High quality carbon monoxide is a very valuable industrial chemical, and can be used to manufacture products including liquid transportation fuel that is fungible to users of current conventional petroleum based fuels. The use of carbon dioxide, which is currently regarded as a problematic waste product of major industries like power generation, as a raw material for RWGS could represent a novel economic opportunity for large emitters.

Lauren Rose, Raha Einakchi, TBD
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Elena Baranova
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