Development of a Proof of Concept for a System to Increase Success Rates of Organ Transplant and Donation Matches

Transplantation is the preferred treatment for patients whose kidneys have failed. There is an ever-growing gap between patients in need for a transplant and available donors. In response to this need, there has been an increase transplantation of donors who experienced circulatory determined death (DCD). However, many potential DCD donors fail to end up in transplantation. Moreover, patients who need to return to dialysis because of transplant failure are at an increased risk for early death, experience decreased quality of life, and contribute to an increased burden to the health care system. During this internship, we will use Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the identification of eligible donors and prediction of successful DCD organ utilization. Finally, we will provide decision aids to help clinicians pair transplant candidates with the best chances for excellent long-term transplant outcomes.

Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh;Alexia Della Vecchia
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze
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