Development of rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries for cost-effective, large scale energy storage

High capacity battery systems are becoming as important as their smaller analogues which are currently in use in mobile devices. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs serve as uninterruptible power supplies or energy stores in electronic vehicles (EVs) and realize the EV technology for many countries. This promotes sustainable development while addressing air quality and climate change. The main challenges are to increase the affordability, power density, and safety for such lithium-ion batteries. In this proposal, new rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries will be developed to meet these objectives. This proposal definitely elevates the research progress in batteries as large-scale energy storage systems which could be directly interfaced with the grid. The work will contribute to a greener and more sustainable society. The advancements made by this research will be transferred to the industrial partner to further develop battery prototype and commercial energy store systems

Ye Tian & Kyung Eun Kate Sun & Tuan Hoang
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Pu Chen
Project Year: