Development of robust and innovative designs for pet products aiming at positively affecting pet behavior

In most cases, the overwhelming reason behind pet abandonment is because of behavioral problems. Often, these behavioral problems are common issues that could be corrected if owners were to better understand their pets. Beonebreed, a young Canadian company active in the pet products’ market, proposes the development of two products aiming at the resolution of this problem. The desensitizer will be a unique product on the market, an interconnected product that will partly imitate the methods of a pet behaviorist by rewarding the animal when a positive event happens. This device will be connected with an intelligent toy, an interesting and long-lasting device that aims at diverting the pet’s attention from reprehensible behavior. This project will provide the young company Beonebreed with innovative mechanical designs for the specific application of their new product.

Michael Singleton
Superviseur universitaire: 
Lucas Hof;Ilyass Tabai
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