Development of science-based criteria to assess the effectiveness of the ecological restoration of peatlands

Peatlands are freshwater wetlands which, in their natural (pristine) state, provide a specific habitat for many species of flora and fauna and several ecosystem services useful to human populations, such as the sequestration of carbon in accumulated peat (peatlands are a major global carbon sink). However, like many other wetlands, they are often disturbed and damaged by human activities. But over the past three decades in Canada, some peatlands where peat has been extracted have been restored using an ecological restoration method. The purpose of this research project is to acquire data on restored peatlands in central and western Canada in order to complete a long-term Canadian database that will be used to develop criteria to define whether these peatlands have been successfully restored. These criteria will be useful for all practitioners wishing to effectively restore peatlands, such as Ducks Unlimited Canada, a major player in the conservation and restoration of wetlands in Canada.

Gwendal Breton
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Line Rochefort
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