Development of a Solvent-Free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Oilseeds and Grains

Oilseeds and grains are considered to be excellent sources of non-animal proteins containing the appropriate essential amino acids required for optimal human health. Conventional protein production methods involve the use of solvents, concentrated acids and alkali that result in protein denaturation, thereby reducing the quality and functionality of the protein ingredients. The proposed project will explore the potential of a dry or solvent free electrostatic-based separation technique for the production of high-quality protein powders from soy and navy beans. This methodology employs an electrostatic technique to selectively charge proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers in the bean flour and separate them based on the magnitude and type of their charge. It preserves the bio-functionality of the protein and averts the likelihood of toxic microbial contamination common in currently used wet processes. Advanced CERT
Canada is willing to conduct process optimization, fine-tuning and scale-up studies to move towards designing a pilotscale plant.

Solmaz Tabtabaei
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Raymond Legge
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