Development of a wireless mini-microscope for the study of brain function - Year two

In the last years imaging using miniature microscopes (mini-microscopes also called mini-endoscopes) has become a method of choice for the understanding of activity at the cellular and network levels in different brain regions, in freely behaving animals. However, mini-microscopes are connected with wires to other devices, which largely alleviate the use of these imaging systems for the long-term imaging and monitoring of animals’ behavior during complex behavioral tasks. The aim of this MITACs project is to bring together Doric Lenses, who pioneered several imaging systems, and a research laboratory that performs longitudinal imaging during complex behavioral tasks on a regular basis, in order to develop, test and optimize a wireless version of the mini-microscopes. This project will have a tremendous impact from the research and development point of view for Doric Lenses, allowing for testing and optimization of wireless imaging system that is dedicated to being used in vivo, in freely behaving mice.

Superviseur universitaire: 
Armen Saghatelyan
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