Developmental potential of oocytes after cryopreservation

Overall aim of the project: To establish the protocol for oocyte cryopreservation which results in a high success rate of embryo development. We will first use mouse oocytes to test the effects of various compounds supplemented in the cryopreservation medium on subsequent oocyte competence. The mouse has been useful model for elucidating various aspects of oogenesis and reproductive development events including, global oocyte gene expression, intra-oocyte redox state, and critical events during meiotic initiation in the ovary, follicle formation and oocyte growth and maturation. Thus there is no doubt that mice have been the most widely used laboratory animals by biomedical community, because of their extremely well-characterized genetics and also the availability of numerous transgenic lines. In the present project mouse oocytes will be used as easily available source of low lipid oocytes (more similar to human than those of domestic species such as bovine and porcine. We will then apply our findings to establish a cryopreservation protocol for human oocytes.

Adel Reda Moawad Abouelmagd
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Teruko Taketo
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