Disaster Recovery as a Green Cloud Service: Balancing Risk, Cost, and Carbon

Unlike centralized computing, which is typically performed in a single data-center, Cloud computing enables the computation to be spread across multiple geographically distributed data-centers which are abstracted as a single system by the Cloud management layer. This computational model enables disaster recovery (DR) by re-establishing the services provided by a data-center affected by the disaster in another healthy data-center capable of hosting the applications providing these services. Full duplication of the data and the applications across multiple data-centers is not an optimal solution in terms of efficiency and resource utilization, especially that not all services have similar non-functional requirements when it comes to disaster recovery. In this project we first look into developing an efficient DR solution in the Cloud, and then we optimize this solution for the Green. We aim to derive a DR management solution that balances risk, cost and carbon footprint. This solution can be offered on-demand, as a cloud service that can enhance the resiliency of cloud applications with a moderate carbon footprint.

Parisa Heidari
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Abdallah Shami
Project Year: