Distributed and Decentralized Optimization for Electricity Consumption Flexibilities and Network Constraints

In the context of the "Smart Grid", the exploitation of electricity consumption flexibilities will be a key lever in the optimization of the electric system. It can help to limit power demand peaks, increase the share of renewable energy and limit network infrastructure investments. Consumption flexibilities, which are offered by many residential consumers, are distributed resources: from an optimization perspective, this leads to the development of new decentralized methods, often referred to as Demand Response.
A decentralized view point is also necessary to consider the various actors interacting in the system : smart consumers, energy aggregators, distribution and transmission system operators and electricity markets.
In this project, the objective is to study this complex system considering the different actors in interaction, to propose optimized and decentralized coordination mechanisms, and to evaluate the potential benefits of Demand Response techniques related to network investments. The project will call for different techniques, from operations research, continuous optimization, game theory and data analysis.

Paulin Jacquot
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Sébastien Le Digabel
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