Dreamcatcher Informatics: a Web-based and Mobile Information System to Support Land Management, Consultation, and the Preservation of History, Culture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The role of this internship is to assist in reaching the SSHRC goal for the Dreamcatcher system of capturing cultural data, traditional ecological knowledge, and traditional land use. This internship will contribute to the growing area of critical Indigenous research in Canadian planning practice and theory. Canadian planning structures, including heritage recognition and conservation, are one example of how post-colonial policy structures continue to fail to effectively work with Canada's First Nations communities (RCAP, 1996); Indigenous heritage as a result remains underrepresented and under threat. By altering heritage planning policy and practice to include intangible heritage, resulting policy can more fully recognize heritage diversity in Canada and suitably protect Indigenous culture and knowledge for future generations. The development of community-centred collaborative heritage tools, such as Dreamcatcher, are prime examples of alternative planning tools central to the protection of Indigenous intangible heritage and traditional knowledge in Canada.

Julia Stevens
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Donald Cowan
Project Year: