Economic Assessment of a Predictive Technology for the Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Health economic evaluation provides information about the value for money of new healthcare technologies, and is increasingly used to guide the allocation of scarce resources based on maximizing health gain. The molecular diagnostics company, PDI, has developed a technology to improve the identification of patients at high risk for oral cancers for early intervention, and distinguish abnormal cell growth that will not become malignant, compared to the current gold standard alone. This more accurate diagnosis could save lives, reduce morbidity from traumatic surgeries, increase the duration of productive work lives, and save healthcare costs. The purpose of this internship is to develop a health economic model to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the technology, as well as its social impact. The results of the study will help determine whether the new technology demonstrates value for money and can be used by policy makers to help make reimbursement decisions about this new technique.

Shoghag Khoudigian
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Daria O'Reilly
Project Year: