Efficient representation, compression and real-time delivery of stereoscopic 360-degree video

The emerging 360-degree video applications provide the user with an immersive experience. This comes at the price of high computational complexity to process the high-resolution content (e.g. 4K or 8K) and of high data rate to deliver it in real time to the user. The user’s experience can be made more realistic using stereoscopic 360-degree (3D-360) video as it adds depth to the scenes as experienced in real life.
In this research, we will explore the representation, compression and transport of 3D-360 video content. We are particularly interested in the optimization of video coding methods to maximize quality of experience for the user at the lowest cost in terms of bandwidth and computations for the system. To succeed in this endeavor, we plan on developing specific algorithms and novel approaches to encode 8K 3D-360 video content to be streamed on IP networks over wired and wireless channels.

Hossein Pejman Tavallaee
Superviseur universitaire: 
Stéphane Coulombe;Carlos Vazquez
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