Elaboration of a high-throughput toolbox for analysis and visualization of mesoscale longitudinal cortical imaging dataset - Year two

In recent years, a dramatic increase in computer processing power and storage allowed the exploration of new frontiers in science by analyzing large, complex datasets. The field of neuroscience is evolving towards larger and more complex studies creating a huge amount of data that is hard to understand using classical analyses. Thus, the development of tools able to process voluminous datasets is necessary to advance our understanding of brain function. Although some efforts have been made to solve this issue, most of the software is created “in-house” with limited applications, discouraging their use by other groups. In this project, a new open-source software will be designed to process large amounts of data from brain optical imaging experiments. This will be done with the collaboration of LabeoTech, a Canadian SME specialized in the development of technological tools applied to biomedical research. The toolbox will be published online where web-based tools will be created to build a community of researchers and engineers/programmers to encourage discussions on analytical problems on optical imaging. This will give LabeoTech a greater reach to more potential clients worldwide, and consequently it will contribute to the establishment of a Canadian expertise on this niche of biomedical research industry.

Bruno Oliveira Ferreira de Souza
Superviseur universitaire: 
Matthieu Vanni
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