Email issue categorization to help in decision making related to investments

The Global investment division is looking for a student for a specific internal project. The mission would be to build a dashboard that would categorize emails received to build trends based on subject and content monitoring. Each email would need to be analyzed and assigned to a specific category (based on key words/its origin/ timing). If necessary, a summary would be displayed to get the first main content of the email and help starting the analysis. The dashboard would display the metrics associated with the refined results (types, regions). Obtaining a trend over time would be also a requirement (historical data available). Results will enable the team to lead decision making on projects optimization and prioritization.
We plan on splitting this project in several phases (by priority):
? Email categorization and trending
? Summary of the issue
? Dashboard visual
? Metrics to display
If the project is advanced enough, another phase could be added to add a query into the financial/investment database for helping on decision-makings instructions.

Lifeng Wan
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jian-Yun Nie
Partner University: