Enabling Operator Decision-Making to Increase the Efficiency of Operator-led Collaborative Teams in Operating Centres Year Two

Operating Centre control rooms are large rooms where trained operators remotely supervise data centre equipment. Operators aim to maintain the connectivity and computer services modern society relies on. They provide services to their organizations or government or industry clients including forming and monitoring tactical teams that solve time-critical computing issues. Their daily activities include monitoring and responding to alerts, while simultaneously participating in multiple distributed teams where the role of the operator is to ensure progress towards a problem's resolution. CA Technologies has developed monitoring tools for operators. This research aims to understand the context in which operators form and participate in distributed response teams, potentially expanding CA Technology's tool-building role. Prototype computer systems will be designed to allow operators to provide the necessary attention to team work while also monitoring for emerging issues, a task which currently impacts negatively on decision-making.

Judith Brown
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Robert Lewis Biddle
Project Year: