Energ-AI: Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Power Engineering

Classical engineering, referring to the three fields of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, is currently based on traditional working methods. For example, the validation of plans is often done in paper version and the engineer must interpret photos and drawings manually, which introduces a risk of error due to the human factor. In addition, the shortage of labor in this area means that the economic potential of this industry in Canada cannot be exploited to its full value. In order to improve the efficiency, reliability, profitability and safety of the public and workers, the use of new digital technologies would allow engineering to migrate to the modern era.
To do this, the proposed project is to use artificial intelligence models to automatically interpret drawings and photos of electrical installations. This will allow the consulting engineering firm CIMA+ to stand out and offer these new services to its customers.

Simon Giard-Leroux
Superviseur universitaire: 
Martin Vallières;François Bouffard
Partner University: