Energy savings associated to cross-flow filtration prior to cooling system

Cooling towers are commonly used for comfort and process cooling. The cooling circuit includes chillers and cooling towers. Recirculation cycles and airborne contaminants pulled into the circulating water can lead to high levels of components leading to corrosion, scaling and microbial deposition within the system, limiting the heat-transfer. As a result, the systems require more energy and frequent cleaning, which increases the overall cost of operation. The study aims to evaluate the impact of advanced cross-flow micro-sand filtration technology on the reduction deposits accumulation on the heat exchanger surfaces. A study site will be monitored over two years, with and without filtration. Several parameters will be monitored: makeup water quality and usage, characterization of organic and inorganic deposition, temperatures, and amperage continuous data, chemical additives requirements, bacterial contamination. As a result, energy efficiency and economic analysis will be done, leading to improved energy efficiency and operating cost in building cooling systems.

Superviseur universitaire: 
Emilie Bedard;Dominique Claveau-Mallet;Etienne Robert
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