Enhancing Small-cell Wireless Backhauling

The cellular network nowadays faces an uphill battle against the explosive growth of mobile data traffic. Deploying low power radio base stations covering small cells within the current cellular coverage area is a promising approach to significantly boost the network capacity, provide better coverage, and reduce network congestion. Since it is recognized that backhauling the traffic from small cell sites to the core network is one of today’s major impediments to the wide scale adoption and deployment of small cells, this project aims at enhancing small-cell backhauling technologies for the scenarios that a communication path in unlicensed frequency band is partially obstructed between the small cell base station and the hub base station. The research project will provide novel solutions to channel access and resource scheduling. The proposed solutions would efficiently improve the quality of services of cellular users and have a great potential to be implemented in BLiNQ’s new products.

Ning Lu
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Sherman (Xuemin) Shen
Project Year: