Establishing the seismic performance factors for reinforced concrete pedestals in elevated liquid tanks Year Two

The primary objective of this project is to establish the seismic performance factors for elevated liquid tanks. In addition, the nonlinear dynamic response behaviour of supporting towers in elevated liquid tanks when subjected to extreme dynamic loads will be investigated. A numerical approach which employs finite element technique as well as a probabilistic collapse analysis method is proposed. All practical liquid tank sizes and supporting tower heights in industry will be included in order to develop a comprehensive database for the seismic response factors and dynamic response behaviour of elevated liquid tanks. Both nonlinear dynamic and pushover analysis are conducted for studying a wide range of lateral dynamic loads with variable intensities and characteristics. The results of this research are expected to provide the industrial partner with a consistent, reliable, and costeffective dynamic design methodology which could be customized based on intended objective performance for construction of elevated liquid tanks.

Razmyar Ghateh
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Reza Kianoush
Project Year: