Evaluation of Application of Shredded Tiresas Insulation Layers for Highways in Alberta

Stockpiles of scrap tire grow larger every day in Alberta due to heavy industry. Safe and healthy disposal of scrap tires requires costly municipal landfill space. Using tire derived aggregates (TDA) for construction applications such as road embankment and insulation layers is of great attention and interest to Alberta’s government. Frost penetration beneath the pavement causing frost heave in winter followed by spring thaw weakening is one of the factors that affect the base layer thickness in cold climates. Reducing frost penetration into the pavement can enable design engineers to use moderate base layers, hence limit depletion of natural aggregate resources. Thermal resistivity of TDA is roughly eight times greater than for typical granular layer. Thermal properties of TDA, its low cost and availability make this product a great replacement for costly insulations such as Styrofoam boards. In this study, the performance of TDA as a road insulation layer will be compared to bottom ash and Styrofoam insulation layers. Frost heave and load bearing of the insulated sections will also be monitored and evaluated.

Somayeh Nassiri
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Alireza Bayat
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