Evaluation of Zisca as a treatment for hyperammonemia in chronic liver disease

Liver failure is rapidly becoming a health epidemic in North America, mostly due to large increases in fatty liver disease. The liver normally clears ammonia from the bloodstream, however, when the liver fails ammonia builds up to dangerous levels and causes cognitive impairment which can progress to coma and death. Neuractas Therapeutics has developed a Zisca to treat the cognitive impairment caused by liver failure and will be testing its new therapeutic in a rat model of the disease. Zisca is an ammonia scavenger, a drug which binds to ammonia-containing molecules in the blood leading to their excretion in the urine. If Zisca functions as designed, Neuractas Therapeutics will continue its development eventually moving towards clinical trials.

Rafael Ochoa-Sanchez
Superviseur universitaire: 
Christopher Rose