Evolving a Sub-Arcsecond Star Tracker

In this project we will evolve the design of the Sinclair Interplanetary (SI) ST-16 small satellite star tracker (SSST). With this redesign we wish to improve the sensor accuracy by an order of magnitude, while maintaining a slew tolerance of up to 1 deg/sec, with >99% availability.. For clarity, in this proposal we will refer to the improved star tracker design as the ST-20. The new design will feature improvements to the sensors optics, sensor processing algorithms, and calibration and focusing procedures. Sinclair Interplanetary will manage the details of any optical, mechanical, or electrical modifications; Tom Dzamba the, Fellow nominated for the Elevate award, will handle the balance of the redesign. The post-doctoral fellow portion of this project can be separated into three main development phases: offline focusing and calibration routines, online algorithms (flight software), and sensor validation. Successful completion of these objectives will allow us to build the ST-20 and verify that it will perform according to its specifications.

Tom Dzamba
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. John Enright
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