"Evolving a Sub-Arcsecond Star Tracker Year Two *Renewal, previous title ""Evolving a Sub-Arcsecond Star Tracker"""

In concert with Sinclair Interplanetary (SI), we are proposing a MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship for Mr. Tom Dzamba under the supervision of Prof. John Enright, a researcher at Ryerson University. In the course of this fellowship, Mr. Dzamba will lead the redevelopment of the SI ST-16 star tracker in order to improve its measurement accuracy by a factor of ten. The ST-16 is a small instrument that allows a spacecraft to make precise measurements of its own orientation. Dr. Enright and Mr. Dzamba were co-inventors of many of the technologies that have enabled the commercial success of the ST-16 and the proposed project builds upon this experience. Improving the accuracy of the ST-16 will provide SI with significant competitive advantage and enable them to launch new products in the competitive space avionics market.

Tom Dzamba
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. John Enright
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