Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Effect of Texture and Microstructure onMagnetic Properties of Electrical Steels for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

The purpose of the proposed research is to develop high efficiency electrical steels to be used in electric motors of hybrid vehicles. The work involves experimental and theoretical studies of the factors that determine magnetic properties of electrical steels and the effect of processing on these properties. The goal is to reduce the core losses and improve soft magnetic properties of the steels, through microstructure and texture control during thermomechanical processing involving the combination of cold rolling and annealing cycles. The knowledge will be used to improve our understanding of the processing parameters that control microstructure and texture development in the steels, and will enable the fabrication of materials with better combination of functional properties. The results will help our industrial partners to develop better quality and cost-effective electrical steels, enhancing their global competitiveness and market penetration for their products.

Qiuping Bian
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Marek Niewczas
Project Year: