Experimental verification and development of model based machine condition assessment methodology

This project is a necessary step toward model development for machine condition assessment that is capable of both diagnosis and prognosis including root cause analysis. The analytical model, once validated and calibrated can serve as a baseline model or a template for the detection of machine health problems. Because of the details of a machine internal variables this model can provide, it can allow the root cause determination of machine faults. In a previous Mitacs Accelerate project, we have taken an initial step to construct the analytical model for a reciprocating compressor system using bond graph approach. Model verification has been done by cross examination with a finite element model. The purpose of this project is to conduct further model verification through experiments. In addition, experimental analysis will allow quantification of model performance and deficiency. It will provide useful information for developing data driven adaptation strategies. The successful completion of this project will provide a key cornerstone in the development of a competent and adaptable machinery health assessment system AP Dynamics Inc. is currently undertaking.

Enaiyat Ovy
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Qiao Sun
Project Year: