An exploratory investigation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications to support the Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre’s sustainable Pangasius bocourti (Basa Fish) industry project

This research project will explore how a Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis can aid in enhancing the sustainable Basa fish industry in Vietnam. Enhancement is achieved through increasing market value, reducing the impact on global seafood supply chains and reducing negative local environmental impacts. GIS is an application that allows for complex spatial analysis of large quantities of data, some of its frequent uses are to:
1. Determine optimal locations for: service centres, businesses based on demand, resource extraction industries, forestry or hydrology studies etc.
2. Create market segment analyses based upon locations, customer preferences or product preferences.
3. Create and implement models to predict future growth, demand, or environmental impacts.
The goal is to determine how a GIS application can help build the capacity of ongoing VNCPC and Hanoi University of Science and Technology work to improve the Basa fish industry in Vietnam. The expected outcomes of the research project are that GIS analysis will be used by VNCPC for network and point-based analyses to contribute to a sustainable Basa fish industry in Vietnam

Corey Pembleton
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Su-Yin Tan
Project Year: 
Partner University: 
Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam