Exposing the Invisible – Designing with the Uncertainty of Wind

The objective of this project is to connect architects and wind engineers early on within a project so that affects associated with wind such as pedestrian comfort and building strength may be maintained from the start of a project. Rather than making post-construction modifications to a building through the costly use of screens, covers or even redesign, favorable wind conditions could be achieved through the collaboration between architects and wind engineers during the initial stages of design. This would reduce the dangers of increasing wind speeds on ground level, the costs to redesign or add in components and finally save time on construction. Instead of sealing ourselves inside buildings, we could begin to understand wind flows and expand our ideas of what architectural form, technologies and experiences could be created. The idea is to not only promote the goals of safe environments from RWDI but to also spread the word and clarify the importance of wind to a larger audience so that wind can play a larger role in the development of our cities.

Kim Adamek
Superviseur universitaire: 
Elizabeth English
Project Year: