Extension of fast hybrid VLM-VPM schemes for helicopter flow simulations

Aircraft flight simulators are important to airworthiness standards and thus safety. The simulators are used in pilot training, as well assisting in the design of flight vehicles. Flight simulators need physical models that reproduce, in the computer, the real devices such as engines, pilot human response, cockpit, etc. In particular, it also needs an aerodynamic model which constitutes one, if not the one, most expensive simulation component. Whereas in airplanes, quasi-steady models are often enough for simulations, helicopter requires unsteady models making them even more expensive. Designing faster aerodynamic models often requires reducing the fidelity of the simulation. This project aims at incorporating a mixed low/high-fidelity model for the simulation of helicopter blade aerodynamic performance in complex helicopter scenarios such as flight over terrain or ships.

Amin Ouled-Mohamed
Superviseur universitaire: 
Éric Laurendeau
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