Extraction, isolation and identification of activemolecules in Kisameet Clay

Initial studies on the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit by Dr. Ernest Hauser of MIT in the early 1950's showed the unique properties of this clay deposit. To build on this early research and make clear a distinction between Kisolite and other clays on the market, we have chosen to invest in modern research. As such, a research intern from the University of British Columbia will use and evolve modern chemical characterization techniques to isolate and identify the biologically active (i.e. antimicrobial) organic components of Kisolite. In addition, the microbial inhabitants of the clay may play an important role in many of the unique properties observed from the clay. Therefore, chemical characterization will also be conducted on extracts of these microorganisms to identify their role in the clay's unique properties. The results of this work will provide Kisameet Clay Company with a better understanding of their product and its composition at the molecular level.

Ryan Centko
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Raymond Anderson
Project Year: 
British Columbia