Facilitation of early mobilization after colorectal surgery: a randomized controlled trial

There is growing evidence that outcomes after colorectal surgery are improved with the use of perioperative interventions combined into an enhanced recovery program (ERP). Encouraging patients to achieve specific daily nutrition and mobilization goals postoperatively is an important aspect of ERPs; however, it is not known whether the achievement of these goals needs to be facilitated by a member of the healthcare team. This study aims to evaluate the extent to which postoperative recovery is influenced by facilitation of nutrition and mobility. The evidence obtained from this study has the potential to optimize resource utilization by indicating whether patients can selfmanage postoperative mobilization and nutrition; or by suggesting the need to have a team member dedicated to facilitate this aspect of care. Our partner (Codivien) is a global healthcare products company committed to invest in research focused on improving delivery of care and outcomes of surgical technology.

Julio Flavio Fiore Junior
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Liane Feldman
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