Farm to Fork: DNA traceability of poultry meat in North America

In the recent years, the concern for food safety and quality has been on the increase. This concern is escalated by media reports of food alteration, which in turn reduces the consumers’ confidence in food safety and the reliability of labelling. As such, traceability in agricultural/food chain is an essential tool to increase consumers’ trust. Although various traceability systems are currently in place, challenges exist in maintaining farm to fork traceability, thereby highlighting the need for development of reliable tools for food analysis. This proposed research aims to develop a reliable molecular test to authenticate the source and composition of meat products without relying on chain of traceability from the live animals. This will not only enable rapid identification origin in emergency situations but also provides a sensitive tool to authenticate labeling and traceability regulations within the food industry; thereby making Maple Leaf Foods, more reliable and trusted food manufacturer.

Vythegi Srithayakumar
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Bradley White
Project Year: