Fly-By-Wire INDI-Based Generic Control Laws for Flexible Civil Transport Aircraft: Enhanced Verification

New generation of civil transport aircraft presents interaction between flight mechanics and structural dynamics. Innovative CLaws have been developed to address this issue. They need to be verified thoroughly by high-fidelity simulations. For a research and development project, the traditional industrial verification process is too demanding and would be too time consuming. Indeed, each high-fidelity simulation is very slow. Thus, the present project will investigate emerging optimization-based verification techniques that can advance the assessment and verification of the new CLaws while minimizing the number of required simulations. This allows progress on the verification of the new CLaws and benefit to Bombardier and the Canadian Industry by acquiring advance assessment and verification capabilities that can strongly cut the cost of verification while improving safety by tracking more accurately the worst cases of stability and performance.

Fréderick Laliberté
Superviseur universitaire: 
David Alexandre Saussié
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