An FPGA-based platform for the control of a CMOS quantum chip

Quantum Computing has the potential to tackle problems, unsolvable with the most powerful current high-performance machines. It is expected that quantum technology will enable life-changing discovery in the pharmaceutical industry with new drugs, finance for risk minimization, discovering new materials, clean energy, and more. Today, many different architectural solutions exist for quantum computing - photonic, trapped ions, neutral atoms and others. Such solutions require specialized cooling systems, e.g. cryogenic, to keep the qubits in a quantum state. This project deals with the problem of interfacing and controlling CMOS-based qubits using an FPGA platform. The considered quantum chip operates at room temperature, a technology developed by the InfinityQ Inc, the industrial partner of the project. Moreover, the project will tackle the problem of running real-world computing applications on the quantum chip using the prototyped interface board.

Federico Montano;Yahya Ettahi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Tarek Ould-Bachir
Partner University: