Geochemical and Isotopic Examination of Mineralization of the South Mine Complex, Abitibi Sub-province, Ontario

The Macassa Mine has historically been a major producer of gold in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Recently, Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. discovered a new South Mine Complex (SMC) which is one of the highest grade gold deposits in Canada. Mineralization in the SMC appears more sulphide rich than in the Main Break of the Macassa Mine, and this project proposes geochemical and isotopic studies on the rocks of the SMC. This will provide further understanding of the fluids associated with mineralization, and results will be compared with published values for the Main Break to confirm source heterogeneity between the Main Break and the SMC and z and identify possible fluid heterogeneity within the SMC. This information will be important for advancing the partner company’s knowledge of the modeling of this deposit, and can help with developing future economically effective methods for gold exploration.

Liana Stammers
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Neil Banerjee
Project Year: